Friday, May 4, 2007

Are dandelions poisonous?

I've received a couple of emails over the past few days asking me if dandelions are poisonous. I don't think so. Many people like the taste of dandelion greens, and I understand that the greens are high in Vitamins A, C, and iron. See Facts on Edible Greens in Maine for more info.

If the concern is about the dandelion flowers being poisonous, have you ever heard of dandelion wine? It is made out of the petals of dandelions! Click this link for more info on dandelion wine: Dandelion Wine

What about dandelion roots? Some say that the roots of dandelions can be used to detoxify the liver and gallbladder.

And honeybees seem to love dandelions! I was going to dig up the dandelions on our property, but when I saw a couple of honeybees enjoying their mid-morning snack, I left the dandelions alone. Honeybees have been disappearing in alarming numbers and we want to do everything possible to make our property honeybee friendly. We've even named our place Dandelion Farm!


CC said...

I came across your blog entry while on Google searching for the answer to the debate myself, my friends Corinne and Nick, and my history teacher got into. I had been fashioning items out of dandelions when Nick asked if he could eat it - I was under the impression that they're poisonous, as was Corinne. My teacher, however, told us they are not.

Thank you for clearing this up for me!

Boy, do I feel sheepish.

Frank Polenose said...

Thanks for youre help.

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